River Haven Family Shelter

River Haven Homeless Shelter is located in Portage, WI and provides shelter to homeless individuals and families. It is comprised of two shelters, one to serve single men and the other for single women and families.

The mission of River Haven is to provide safe, temporary shelter to qualifying homeless individuals and families while providing them with guidance and connecting them to community resources to promote their independence. River Haven is staffed by one full-time Case Manager Director and one part-time Case Manager. The office for case management, admissions, PACAP and all other information is open M-F from 8am-4pm; the office is closed on weekends and holidays. Each shelter is staffed from 5pm-8am by a House Assistant. The House Assistant is a live-in volunteer and manages the residents and goings on at the shelter. This person then reports to the Case Managers if there are any issues or problems that need to be resolved.

We also provide information about resources, social service agencies and managed guidance/support to make occupants take accountability for their future. Our goal is to guide clients to independence within a 30 day stay. While staying in the shelter, families and individuals have access to a laundry facility, full kitchen and bathrooms. Additional services include access to workshops about budgeting, rent smart, resume writing, computer skills, employment searches and housing searches.

Those seeking shelter must call the River Haven office ahead of time to go through a pre-screen form to determine eligibility. Once eligibility has been determined you will be walked through the admission procedure.

Residents are required to sign up or apply for services within the community including but not limited to:

  • Foodshare
  • Badgercare
  • FSET
  • W2


Additionally, our mission is to be the case manager and steward for all requests made to the Portage Area Community Assistance Program (PACAP). PACAP is a cooperative structure of various denomination of churches, United Way, resources from the local area St. Vincent De Paul and other contributors to combine and manage emergency funds for those in need. PACAP is able to help on occasion with food, cleaning supplies, and hygiene items. The primary source of funding for the assistance is the Clergy Relief Fund, supported by several local churches in the Portage area and the United Way. The purpose of the Clergy Relief Fund is to provide emergency financial needs for rent, gasoline, or other household emergencies that may arise.

Tricia Kuhn Community Resource Coordinator

Tricia moved from a city with over half a million people to Portage, WI just over 15 years ago.  She arrived with a diverse background in the food & beverage industry and has worked in, managed, and/or owned a few businesses while establishing herself in our community.  In June of 2015, she became the General Manager of St. Vincent de Paul Society – Portage, and it was there that she found her calling.  She participated in many community speaking events to create, build and strengthen the ties of St. Vincent de Paul with clergy, city leaders, law enforcement, and many other community organizations. She strives to educate the public about all of the resources that St. Vincent de Paul has to offer.  During her employment at St. Vincent de Paul, Tricia also served on the RHHS Board of Directors.

After starting her own food & beverage side business, and while waiting to become a new grandma, she felt it was time leave her position at St. Vincent and begin her next adventure with River Haven in 2022 as the part-time Community Resource Coordinator. She looks forward to working with Amy and assisting with the PACAP program, case management, fundraising, and the daily operations of the shelter. She is excited about the opportunities ahead to connect our shelter residents with community resources and get them started on the right foot to move forward toward their goals.

RHHS Board of Directors

Carol Sjoblom, Acting Chair

Tracy Fuqua, Co-Chair & Treasurer

Tania Anderson, Secretary

Jennifer Johnson

Angie Braddock

Emily Leland

Dori Korfmacher